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Scams and Hoaxes


A malware-related hoax gives false information regarding certain malware threats. In most cases, malware-related hoaxes are warnings of fictional malware threats that create unnecessary panic. These hoaxes oftentimes prompt users into performing unwanted actions on their systems.
Scams and shams

Scams and shams include email messages that promise material gain or even luck to recipients who forward them to others users. Some luck-based hoaxes, often called chain letters, play on people’s fear of bad luck. Money-based hoaxes offer incredibly quick cash for simply forwarding a message. Certain popular scams have tricked users into investing their own money in fruitless investments.
Urban Legends

Urban legends are stories written around day-to-day things, but are incorporated unusual twists in the form of unlikely facts that are difficult to verify. Designed to elicit emotional response, the most popular urban legends are health and animal scares.

Top 10 Scams/Hoaxes

  • Nigerian 419 Scam


  • Tsunami Victims Hoax

  • Area Code 809 Hoax

  • International Sweepstakes Lottery Winner Scam

  • WTC Survivor Hoax

  • Make $$ "Bill Gates Fortune" Hoax

  • It Takes Guts To Say Jesus

  • Monkeyman935 Hoax



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