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Definitions of E-commerce on the Web:

  • (E-Commerce) The conducting of business communication and transactions over networks and through computers. As most restrictively defined, electronic commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, and the transfer of funds, through digital communications. However EC also includes all inter-company and intra-company functions (such as marketing, finance, manufacturing, selling, and negotiation) that enable commerce and use electronic mail, EDI, file transfer, fax, video conferencing, workflow, or interaction with a remote computer. Electronic commerce also includes buying and selling over the Web, electronic funds transfer, smart cards, digital cash, and all other ways of doing of doing business. The transacting of business electronically rather than via paper.

At Gal Tec Incorporated, we help you decide what type of E-Commerce  you are looking for, what will benefit your business, and the most effective way to implement it into your business.








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